FreEco Bus Land Issues


I’ve been thinking long and hard about whether to write this post, but I figured that in order for this to be a true reflection of my familys’ journey I should share the highs and the lows with you all.


Before Christmas, I was feeling really disheartened with this project. The issue? I couldn’t find any land. In order for this project to be a success for my family, I need the security of knowing that I am operating within the law. I have no desire to be kicked off my own land and thus I need to work out planning permission.

I live in Leicestershire, England and I intend to remain living in this area as I would like to stay near to my children’s current schools, friends, work, etc. The downside of this… Englands policies for projects like I am considering are some of the strictest in the UK.

The little land I have seen for sale or to rent in my area, has been very expensive… as in years and years of me saving to go yet, expensive. Which means the bus idea is likely to be in a few years time yet.

Also, I can’t seem to get my head around the planning permissions and the type of land I need, etc.

wecandoitI am awaiting a book that may help with the planning and the law side of the land and once that has been published and I have read it, I will be sure to pass on the resource with yourselves. For now though, I just thought a bit of an update was needed.

Since Christmas has been and cheered most of us up. I do feel better about it. Yes it means that this project is going to take a longer than I was hoping, but there are still things that I can do from where I am living currently. So I awoke this morning with a new ambition to make do with what I have, whilst I plan and wait for the true FreEco Bus adventure.

So keep reading as I will hope to share all these tips with you as I go along and if you have any requests for future topics, please get in touch and I will do my best to give them a go!



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