Monthly Archives: February 2017

Freecobus Relapse


I’m writing today to apologise… one for my lack of posting and two for not living by my own values and goals….

Its been over a year since I last posted anything and I’m sad to say it’s not because I realised my freecobus dream and thus had no internet access…. instead it’s because I well and truly fell off the band wagon!

I started not posting as I was ashamed that I’d fallen into convenience foods, petrol guzzling, electricity addiction habits… then as time slowly passed the Freecobus became a distant dream, unrealistic and unachievable and albeit a bit coo-coo…

Now a year on, I have been contemplating all of this. I regret stopping posting and wish I had posted about my challenges of juggling eco living with hectic busy family lives. Since I started this project my life became more hectic with the addition of ponies and a child who is a competitive gymnast who trains 40 minutes away from home 10 hours a week.

As well as this I believe a big part of my failure was trying to change too much too quickly… it became too hard too quick…

So I decided I need to get back on my path and start again with a slower, step by step approach rather than all or nothing. I debated starting a new blog as I am no longer sure whether I will ever achieve the Freecobus dream but the realised something. The Freecobus is a vision, it’s my ideal scenario and yes it may change and the end product may end up looking completely different, but it’s my inspiration. It started with a dream and it can motivate me and symbolise my journey well however it may twist and turn just like the travels of a bus.

So although I started this post with an apology, I end it in hope and inspiration. My relapse was less of a failure but a fork in my road, a twist in my journey and raised new challenges to overcome…. How do we juggle eco living with hectic family lives and a shoe string budget?

As yet, I do not know… but I’m willing to give it a go? Are you? Have any of you found ways to balance life and eco values? If so, I’d love to hear from you!

I’ll end this post with a picture and quote from my eldest daughter…