Simple Family Friendly Plant Based Breakfasts


So week one of my plant based transition has focused on breakfasts. Was it a success? Honestly I’m not really sure… Can I eat a plant based breakfast? Yes… Does it fill me up? Yes… Do plant based breakfasts make me jump for joy? No…Uh oh!

I’ve seen tons of amazing recipes for plant based breakfasts on the internet, but I have two kids, a school run and work to get to and I do not have the time to spend hours slaving away over a stove, at least not on an average morning!

I have found some super quick, simple and substantial plant based breakfasts (which don’t taste awful by the way), but when compared with the high sugar cereal my family has been accustomed to they’re just not as nice.

Before the plant based diet, we were eating the worst breakfasts we probably could be… I’m talking coco pops and cheerios… They’re quick, they’re easy and they taste good…. But that’s miles away from a nutritional or ethical breakfast.

So I bought 5kg bag of organic porridge oats from a local farm, 5kg bag of organic muesli from the same farm, a range of milk alternatives, some whole meal bread, maple syrup and some organic peanut butter. I was prepared and ready for a week of plant based diets.

The toughest challenge with this diet was probably the milk alternatives… we’re struggling to transition away from cows milk but we’re dedicated, keep thinking about why we’re doing this and persevering. I believe that we will adapt with time, but it’s just going to take time for our taste buds to adjust with the changes.

So, here are my top 5 plant based breakfasts that are kid approved and simple and quick.

  1. Peanut butter and whole meal toast – this is my go to now as it tastes good, I don’t miss the butter either for some reason. It’s so easy to prepare, gives us some nut intake before school (where no nuts are allowed) and tastes good. This is definitely a staple in our house now!
  2. Porridge with milk alternative and maple syrup – we are still trialling the milk alternatives to see which one we all prefer, but this is a nice easy breakfast that we can all enjoy and the maple syrup adds a nice flavour to it that we are more familiar with.
  3. Muesli with milk alternative – I’m not a natural muesli fan to be honest, but it’s such a quick and easy breakfast that the kids can even prepare themselves so it’s a go to when we’re really rushed and just need something quick.
  4. Pancakes – ok to this one is a bit of a cheat as it does take a bit longer, this is not our school day breakfast (although if you are more organised and prepare in advance then it could be) but this is a great weekend treat. We got a recipe for a wholemeal vegan pancake mix and although they don’t taste as good as our traditional pancakes, topped with some bananas and maple syrup it tastes nice, different yes, but nice.
  5. Green smoothies – these are a great nutritional kick and my kids love them and they’re so quick and easy, but they’re not my go to for breakfast as I don’t find them filling enough, but for someone who just wants something light they’re a great option, but we normally have it with one of the other options or as a mid day snack.

So there’s my go to quick and easy plant based, vegan breakfasts that are family friendly and can be done with a busy schedule. I hope with time I will learn to love them as much as I did the naughty coco pops, but they certainly hit the button and get good food in my system.

I hope my lack of enthusiasm doesn’t put you off! I know from previous experience when you stop eating convenience / processed food it can be a real challenge, but with time you learn to love really simple flavours, so hopefully I will learn to appreciate these dishes more with time. Watch this space!!!


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