How can we protect the planet on a tiny budget?


Today I pose a question to you all… how do we protect the planet on a tiny budget?

I have read and watched a wide variety of books and documentaries, on eco friendly tips, living off grid, self-sufficiency, minimalism, etc. all of which have been influential and inspirational sources of information and ideas… however during a conversation I was having, the question arose…. most of the people who are leading the movement and some stage had money (i.e. access to capital/investment).

Whilst there are lots of simple, small steps we can make to reduce the impact of our existing lifestyles, if we want to go mainstream into our eco values either through self-sufficiency or community initiatives… we need capital.

We need money to fund the land, invest in technology (sources of power and water) and much more….

Some have access to this source of investment to fund their eco homes and lifestyles, others choose to live above the law and I am not criticising any of these means, but I have access to neither of these options, and I don’t think I am alone…

What do average day to day families do? The families who want more intense options such as off grid living do when they have zero or very small capital, are working to pay off bills alone, and are unable to take the risks of doing things that do not fit with the law either for principle reasons or due to family commitments?

I am a single mum working part-time. I can not increase my hours as this would involve increased child care which I can not afford. My wage goes towards essential bills and servicing debts. My budget has been squeezed as much as is viable and I still can not seem to save any money each month…

I have no capital, I live in rented accommodation and all I own is the furniture within it which has little sellable valuable…

I am able to do a wide number of things to reduce my impact on the environment and I am well aware and striving towards this… but my dream is to live off grid ideally as part of a community of like minded people, but doing such requires land (costly) particularly land that I would be allowed to live on, access to technology (such as solar panels) and so on and I have no means of gaining  the funds to do this….

So my question is, how do people like me who are on a very limited budget step into the world of off grid living? Particularly in a way that provides a secure roof over my children’s heads….

I’d love to hear your tips, ideas and views on this discussion!

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