Hey, I’m Anna the woman behind the FreEco Bus blog and journey.

Virtual gold star to those that spot the mud war paint in the picture below.

FreEco Bus Blogger: Anna

The FreEco Bus Blog is about my family’s life changing journey towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, whilst also tackling issues with the monetary system whilst still embracing our family life.

I have two daughters: Aimee is 8 and Tiana is 6. Aimee is an energetic, gymnastic loving, girlie girl and Tiana is a laid back, lets dig in the mud hippie chick.

We are a normal family, with the usual highs and lows and we are still (at the moment of writing this) living a ‘normal’ lifestyle within society. By this I mean, we have a house, a car, go to work/mainstream school, we use gas central heating, we have a TV and we have nice warm hot baths. But we are concerned about the environment and each day are making more steps towards our goal.

We enjoy chilling at home, playing games, going for walks, camping, sports and lets face it, in a girl filled house eating chocolate and painting our nails!

I am a self-confessed hippie chick, I admit. I love nature, being outside, the boho clothes, festivals, music, climbing, yoga and trying new things. I’m an adventure / thrill seeker by heart with little to no patience. Yes, I act on impulse, so this journey may be a challenge in terms of holding back!

The goal was to convert an old double-decker bus into a family home on a plot of land that will become a self-sufficient(ish) small holding. I aimed to do this where possible for free (or using as little money as possible), reusing, recycling and using eco-friendly principles. Whilst this is still a dream of mine, I am accepting that this may never come into fruition… So the FreEco Bus whilst initially standing for Free Eco-friendly Bus now is considered more loosely, FreEco Bus is now more of an idealisation whilst still considering Free/affordable options, freeing of our family and eco-friendly principles, whether the actual bus on our own plot of land thing ever occurs only time will tell!

I am by no means expecting to change the world, but hopefully I will change our world. And by doing so,  I hope to inspire others to make changes to their own lifestyles.

I would love to hear from my readers, whether you’re offering tips, advice, suggestions or have questions so please feel free to comment or contact me.

Please note this blog is about my family’s journey and therefore the posts are opinion pieces only.

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