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Minimalist / Project 333 Shoes


So I am a big believer in reducing the number of shoes and clothes that my family own and this was in large part inspired by The Minimalists and Project 333.

There is a lot of tips and hints out there about how to plan your wardrobe, capsule wardrobes, starting project 333 and the minimalist movement. I wanted to share with you my journey and today I thought I’d talk about my shoes.

When it comes to shoes, I wanted to really reduce them and I thought this was more apparent if I went for one set of shoes I always had available rather than having a set of shoes for each 3-6months.


I had an overflowing shoe box of family shoes, plus shoes just stuffed in our hallway and then more shoes stuffed under our bed… most of which we never even wore… Yes I included the children in this downsize too.

So what stayed for me?

  1. Wellington Boots or Country Boots – we live in the country side and are often romping around fields and muddy puddles so these were a must in our household. I have country boots rather than wellington boots (or wellies as we call them but I’m not sure how to spell it so I went with wellingtons!) but either would suffice.
  2. Work shoes – I have to wear flat practical shoes for the type of work I do, so I have a smart pair of black flats. These can be worn with a wide range of outfits so aren’t just for work but still you get the idea.
  3. Casual trainers – I had a few pairs of trainers and I realised I didn’t need them all, I settled on my favourite pair and kept them. Unfortunately I didn’t have any plain black/white trainers which would have been more versatile and easier to fit into a minimalist wardrobe with a wider range of possibilities, so when these are worn out I will probably go down that route, but for now I love my flowery Vans and they are going to stay.
  4. Black Boots – I went with my flat biker girl style ankle boots as an essential as they add a funky edge to most outfits but are still practical, versatile and comfortable. I get a lot of wear out of these boots so they stayed.
  5. Brown Boots – I have a lovely pair of flat warm winter boots that are also funky and practical and so I kept these for cold snowy winter days a they are versatile, can be dressed up or down and I really like them
  6. Black heels – This is versatile shoe for dressing up for work or going out and can be worn with just about anything. I went with a pair of comfortable black court shoes.
  7. Stunning heels – I chose one pair of heels that make me feel really good and that I love wearing for special occasions, I went with my red heels that I absolutely love and couldn’t be a part from, these are my special ‘treat’ shoes but by no means is essential in my wardrobe but I just couldn’t let these ones go… guilty pleasure
  8. Sandals / flip flops – I actually don’t have a pair at the moment but a pair of summer flip flops or sandals for hotter days is on my allowed shoe list.
  9. Running / exercise shoes – Again I don’t have these in my wardrobe as yet, I usually just borrow someone else’s (thanks mum!) but I think this is another shoe most people including me, would need in their allowed shoe list.

This could be minimalized more or less to suit you, yes I could do without the pair of guilty pleasure shoes and could be more vigilant in my options, however for me this seems to be a good year round minimalist shoe list. I may adapt it in the future to suit changing needs or trends but what it has taught me is a certainly don’t need any more than 10 shoes in my wardrobe at any time and there is no point holding on to the large number of shoes  that I never or hardly ever wore.

The above list is comfortable for me at this time and  that it why I stuck to it, you could go more or less extreme to suit your own wishes. The point is to only have things that are valuable to you and I genuinely love and/wear all of the above shoes and that is key when you are making your choices. I think the key to my minimalist journey is to have numbers and tips as a guide such as project 333 but to adapt it to suit your own needs and values.

As for the children they have the following

  1. A pair of school shoes – smart black shoes which can have a variety of uses
  2. A pair of party shoes – they’re girls and they deserve a touch of sparkle too
  3. A pair of trainers – for my eldest that includes running trainers and casual trainers as she does a lot of exercise including cross country running (shoes get muddy and aren’t so nice for going out to hang out with friends)
  4. A pair of wellington boots – again same as me, country girls
  5. A pair of sandals – for hot days again, I try and get ones that are practical, comfy and pretty so they can be dressed up and dressed down.

What are your essential shoes? And what are your views or experiences of minimalism or project 333? I’d love to hear from you!